Mom just moved to Tucson from FL and I needed to find a local location to help her with her new Starkey hearing aids. Mom was having difficulty inserting the aids properly into her ears. They kept falling out. Eileen was very patient and helpful as she gave Mom some pointers to make it easier. She also showed me how to do it so I could assist Mom. The office is beautiful and very comfortable. The support staff we met, Heather was very efficient and helpful. Mom actually enjoyed her visit and is looking forward to going back.
Barbara Gross, on Google
I had been thinking about getting hearing tested to see if hearing aids would actually work in my case. The noise in my ears is best described as a thousand crickets chirping which I constantly had to TRY to hear through. It was exhausting & I avoided situations where I would have to try to figure out what was being said. I even arrived at the last minute at religious meetings I attend. My daughter sent me an email containing an ad for hearing tests & possibly a solution. Upon several tests to isolate & offer the right hearing aids for my needs, (something that Russel spent alot of time & effort to find for me). My daughter, upon hearing the amount of hearing loss I have, said, I had no idea how much you compensate. It was becoming an an irritating situation because I would tend to talk a lot so that I didn't have to listen to others which appeared to be rather selfish. So I am so thankful now that I have these hearing aids, that Russell took the time to find the right ones for me, and Heather in the office there was very helpful in showing me how to take care of & maintain them. So I have nothing but good to say about both Russell Broadhead and and Heather and my experience with NuEar as been nothing short of amazing. It really has changed my life.I realize just how big a difference they make when, from time to time, I forget them. So it's something that I would recommend for anyone that has any hearing problems, & I highly recommend Russell Broadhead & NuEar as the answer to your hearing problems. I also recommend not putting off getting a solution to those problems, as it really does open up a whole new world to you. David Oltmans Forty years of "Trucking", & a very satisfied Customer
bdavid oltmans, on Google
I had been struggling to hear clearly some of my daughter's conversations and occasionally during meetings at work or while lecturing my students at the university. A few years back I was diagnosed with partial hearing loss after visiting a physician specialist in otorhinolaryngology as he explained that some of my internal ear hair cells had been damaged probably because of an infection or desease. That condition worsened as time passed until it came to a point that I became aware a needed to do something about it! I wish I had done this before. Then I started to look for a solution to my problem. I really wanted to find something that wasn't that noticeable at first sight and would be bearly noticeable. I did a lot of research and found some hearing aids that cost less than a half.. but I really wanted to buy something that really conviced me. When I found Starkey and got my appointment with Russ I was really hesitant about it, I didn't know if this was going to work out. But as soon as I started to get through the evaluation check up and began talking to him I got myself convinced I had found the right solution for me. Then I ordered my hearing aids and started wearing them.. This was like a new beginning to me! I felt as a young kid with a new toy, listening so clearly to the sounds out off the street I got used to my hearing aids almost immediately. Ever since I have been using them for a year and really can't stop thanking myself for having found Starkey and Russ. It has been BIG change in my life ever since!
Enrique Ruibal, on Google
I am by nature a curious man. I don’t like to talk very much, but I love to listen. I love to hear children’s laughter, or the announcer’s voice during a ballgame. I love communicating with my fellow-employees at work. I love listening to good music, and I love catching those little jabs and teases people give to each other. In essence, I love being part of the world. In my early 50’s I started to notice it was harder to hear people on the phone. I had to get it ‘just right’ before I could understand them. At first, I thought it was my phone, but after going through several models I finally admitted it wasn’t the phone. When it started, I didn’t even tell my wife. I didn’t want to be perceived as ‘weak’ or ‘used equipment.’ I thought I had to be a macho-man and never show any chinks in my armor. Boy was I surprised when she found out. She was thrilled! She said she was tired of me always saying, “What?” I started looking around to see about getting some hearing aids. I was startled when I first saw what they cost, but after going a while longer without them I decided the cost was worth it. My first pair worked like magic! I remember putting them on in the office, then getting into my car and putting the keys in the ignition. The bell started dinging and about scared me to death. That was the first time I realized how bad my hearing had gotten. I wore that set for about three years. That’s when I met Russ. He suggested I come in for a tuning. He told me that as my brain got used to hearing again I could have them turned up louder and louder. That was news to me. I was very impressed with Russ and his office. They were very professional and treated me with respect. Russ tuned up my hearing aids and suggested I have another hearing test, (which he provided at no charge). He tested me with my hearing aids in and again with them out. Then we sat and discussed the results. It became very clear to me that my old set of hearing aids were not giving me everything I needed. Especially when I was in a group meeting or in a social setting (like a restaurant). The background noise made it impossible to hear what we being said. We tried a new pair of hearing aids that had been updated and had a few more ‘bells and whistles.’ At first, I thought the ‘bells and whistles’ were frivolous, but as Russ taught me how to use them, they became great assets. Now, when I’m in a meeting, all I have to do is push a button and my hearing aids will focus on the speaker and filter out the background noise. My new hearing aids have been worth every penny! I’ve had my current pair for over a year, and I can’t imagine life without them. That may sound grandiose, but when I take them out it’s as if I put plugs in my ears. As soon as I have showered, they go in my ears and stay there until I’m going to bed. That’s the biggest compliment I can give to Russ and Starkey (the makers of my hearing aids). When I decided to get my new pair, I asked Russ to tell me why I should choose these. After all, there were cheaper hearing aids out there that claimed to do the same thing. I choose NuEar and Starkey because of the quality, the ease of use, the warranty, and because NuEar and Starkey have stores all over the US. If I’m traveling and have a problem I can always find a NuEar and Starkey dealer for help. I hope this helps in your journey to better hearing. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and not make them yourself. I hope you find Russ Broadhead and NuEar and Starkey as valuable as I have. I look forward too many more years working with them. I know technology with continue to improve, and I’m afraid my hearing will continue to deteriorate. I know chances are I will need a different set before I leave this world. It’s comforting to know I have these two entities there when I need them. Sincerely, Ken Kennington Sales Coach Progrexion Inc.
Ken Kennington, on Google

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